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Bottega, the leading accredited school of software engineering in the United States, has committed to partner with Paul Ahlstrom of Alta Global Ventures to train 5,000 Coding Foundations apprentices and 1,000 full stack engineers in Jamaica out of Bottega’s Perpetual Endowment Fund, with a special regional endowment.

LEHI, Utah, June 13, 2019 (Newswire.com) – This morning, during his keynote speech at the DBJ Investment Conference in Kingston, Jamaica, Paul Ahlstrom, founder of Alta Global Ventures, announced a partnership with the Bottega School to train 1,000 full stack engineers in Jamaica. In addition to the full stack engineers, Bottega will also train 5,000 students in computer science basics in a Kingston, Jamaica, program called Coding Foundations.

“Bottega’s expansion into Jamaica couldn’t come at a better time,” said Audrey Richards, coordinator of the Jamaica Venture Capital Programme. “The fundamentals are in place for Jamaica to dramatically grow the tech ecosystem,” Richards said.

​​​​​The partnership with Bottega accelerates the technology growth of the nation of Jamaica; it is also seeking additional support from local private and government institutions. “Anyone who has the initiative to learn how to code in Jamaica, now has the opportunity,” said Fili Ledezma, Bottega president. Paul Ahlstrom believes in that same idea and with his financial commitment has made an extraordinary opportunity possible.

Bottega will open the Jamaica office by Sept. 1, 2019, which will act as a training facility for the first of many software engineers, beginning with 5,000 Coding Foundations scholarships. At least 1,000 of these students will be advanced into the Full Stack Engineer program. The selection will be based on their results, grit and ambition to gain the in-demand skill sets Bottega offers. The tuition value of this training exceeds $10 million.

Graduates of the engineering program commit a small percentage of their future technology income for three years to replenish the “pay it forward” education fund to make this opportunity available to additional Jamaican citizens.

Using its proprietary Learning Management System devCamp.com, Bottega is able to train students in such a way that their graduates are “production ready” to design and develop modern software applications and have the ability to begin mentoring others.

Bottega strives to create opportunity for those who have the ambition to turn their dreams into a reality. “I don’t look at your background (positive or negative), rather, I care about your passion, determination and hunger,” Ledezma declares.

Paul Ahlstrom, managing director, Alta Global Ventures, is a venture investment pioneer in Latin America and the Caribbean. “Our mission is to support passionate entrepreneurs who are building global companies while improving lives in their local communities,” said Ahlstrom. The partnership with Bottega supports this mission as it increases the quality and quantity of engineers in the markets that we serve,” Ahlstrom said.

“Increasing the number of quality skilled engineers will take Jamaica’s technology ecosystem to the next level,” said Ahlstrom. “The support from Jamaica on this project has been overwhelmingly positive as Jamaica has made a commitment to invest in themselves,” said Milverton Reynolds, managing director of Development Bank of Jamaica.

“We are thrilled to find kindred spirits in Paul Ahlstrom, the Alta Global team and critical local partners in Jamaica – people with talent and vision who want to help us make the world a better place through high-impact models that scale,” says Eric Wold, CEO of Bottega.

About Bottega: Bottega is a software company and an accredited school. Its mission is to bless the lives of millions of people with high-earning employment in the technology industry. Visit Bottega.Tech for more information.

About Paul Ahlstrom: Author of the book “Nail It, Then Scale It,” Paul is an experienced investor and fund manager with strong experience in business development. Ahlstrom is skilled in mergers & acquisitions, start-ups, leadership, business modeling and seed capital. Visit NailThenScale.com for more information.

About Alta Global Ventures: Alta Global Ventures is a global venture capital fund scaling superior business models worldwide. It also supports seed, venture and growth stage companies across the Americas. Visit AltaGlobal.com for more information.

About Development Bank of Jamaica: The Development Bank of Jamaica provides opportunities to all Jamaicans to improve their quality of life through development financing, capacity building, public-private partnership and privatisation solutions in keeping with government policy. Visit DBankJM.com for more information.​

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